viernes, 15 de febrero de 2019

citizenship and commitment in the raven

Hello today I am going to write about the narrative poem named “the raven” write by Edgar Alan poe, I am going to make inference in two values: commitment and citizenship, I am going to write about if this two values are in this poem or not.
But first, the raven is a poem that show how a man never forget a lost love, this poem show the sadness that the man have and the obsession of the memory of the death of this woman.
I think that in this poem any of this two values, citizenship and commitment, they are not applied in this poem. I am going to take citizenship as the first value, the meaning of citizenship is the state of living in a particular area or town and behaving in a way that other people who live there expect of you, so in my personal opinion this value is not applied because I didn’t see any other person behaving in any way or doing something for the man when he was in a big grief for the death of the woman he love, Lenore, for me, citizenship is also to have care, in some way, for others, to pay attention to them and to behavior in an special and good way so that the other person feel that you have some care for them. Another thing that we can see is that never appear any person in this poem that help with the depressed and grief of the man, they never mentioned any person who help to move on or tell them to continue her life as always, so that also has a big implication in the sadness of the man and what he never move on to continue a normal life without getting sad every moment and every time, because he was always sad when he remember the death of the love of her life, so in conclusion of this value, there is applied in this poem of the raven.
Know I am going to talk about the value of commitment, the meaning of this value is a willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something, so in my personal opinion i think that this value is also not applied in this poem because I will think (for example) that the man would be have commitment with herself to move on for the memory of Lenore, or he would try to do something for never would be like that, but I didn’t see anything like that, or anything relate with that value in this poem.
In this poem of Edgar Alan poe, inferring, i would think that the raven would represent like sadness or dead, and that also he would never move on with the memory of Lenore, another important fact is that every time that the man ask them a question or try to talk with the raven, the raven always say “never more” and the man didn’t know what’s that means. In another perspective totally different, we can also say that maybe the raven Came to them to help them to forget the memory of Lenore and move on in her life, but the only thing that the raven says was never more so we can be totally sore that was for that reason.
In conclusion we can’t see this two values in the poem, but we can see how the dead of someone special for a man can affect your mind at the point of never forget them and never move on.

miércoles, 30 de enero de 2019

self-reliance. values of patience and caring.

In this essay the important thing that we need to see is how Ralph Waldo Emerson talk about the confidence you most have in yourself and this of course means patient to your self because in every moment you will have a type of problem that you will have to decide what to do, and not the others.
The meaning of patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. And in this essay we can see that Emerson invites the readers to have confidence in yourself and do not get carried away by people's opinions because that is not trusting you, in your wisdom and instinct.
Emerson speaks to us in this reading, that we trust in ourselves from within, altering religious practices where he speaks that no law can be more sacred to him than his own nature. and here is giving us a clear example of patience in your decisions and confidence in yourself. He also talk about accept our own cultures or religions no matter that the people say or think about that, the only thing that you have to care, it's your opinion about yourself, not what the world says. as he himself says in his writing: it is easy to live in the world according to the opinion of the world, And here is where we also apply patience, as we are not people who live by the opinions that the world gives us, it will not be easy to live in a world where you do not do what others want, because what you have to do is trust yourself and be patient.
The meaning of th value of caring is displaying kindness and concern for others, we can see this value in this essay when Emerson He tells us that we have to trust in ourselves and we can apply the way of acting of the person who puts interest and attention in what he does or wants to do to make it better. Many people have a good confidence in themselves but do not have the ability and care to strive to achieve what they want to do.
 Applying both values, patience and care, we can become someone that we do not imagine ourselves that we could be, what we have to be focused on is not letting ourselves be carried away by the opinions that the world offers us if not by our own confidence, neither we can completely ignore what is happening in the world because what happens is how we are going to act and be patient.
I think these two values ​​are fundamental in our lives, and uniting them with what Emerson motivates us in their history, we can become great people in the future, understanding that things do not happen from one moment to another if not everything takes a process and that is why we have to be patient and tolerant and be careful with the decisions we make. We apply these values ​​to our lives, trust ourselves and we will notice the change.

viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2018

The Devil & Tom Walker

In this story i can see how the values of trustworthiness and thankful are not totally apply. First the meaning of trustworthiness is the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful. And the meaning of thankful is expressing gratitude and relief. In this story we can see how people have confidence to Tom walker but Tom didn’t have confidence to the other people, Tom was that type of person that wants to receive more and more but he didn’t want to give to others, so Tom was an untrustworthy person because he swindled people with their dealings. So in this story trustworthiness is shown in the people that have confidence with Tom and also when the devil was looking for Tom but also in this case Tom didn’t have confidence with the devil, so in Tom there is no trustworthiness. Also we can see that Tom was an un thankful man because he have a lot of lands, a lot of money, have a family, food, etc and he was not happy with that because every time he wanted more and he didn’t value what he had, also we can see tom’s wife that are also a selfish woman that she told the devil to give everyting to her and not to her husband Tom, and she is also an unthankful person because she have money and the same things of Tom but she didn’t value that, so Tom and his wife are unthankful person and selfish that always whants all for her own. In my opinion these values are but at the same time they are not applied in this story because we can see the confidence from the people to Tom but not from Tom to the people or even totaly in his wife. So i learn that we need to be thankful for all the things we have and somtimes have confidence with the people we know that are good persons.

jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2018


This story begins on a cold night at Olivia's house, Olivia had a group of friends who were called Samantha, Victoria and Isabella, these 4 girls were best childhood friends and never separated. that night they were in the house of olvia preparing for a party at lucas' house, a friend from school, they were all 4 in olivia's room talking about girls. Soon they realized that it was time to go out to the party so Olivia took the keys to her car, called her friends and left. When they arrived at the party they realized that it was full of people that most did not even know so they started looking for their friends and when they were looking for their friends Samantha realized that at that party was her ex-friend, july, so she immediately ran to tell her friends that she was very scared because once a few months ago, july tried to kill samantha because she realized that her boyfriend was kissing her at a party, which was not blame samantha since she was not the one who started the kiss if not july's boyfriend, so since then july and samantha are no longer best friends and now july has a big hatred towards samantha. Later when Samantha was on her way to the kitchen to find something to drink, she met Mario, the ex-boyfriend of July, talking about their lives Samantha was very scared that July would find them talking so he told Mario that it would be better to talk outside with the excuse that inside there was a lot of noise and he was not listening well, so they went outside and started talking about their lives more quietly, after a while to be talking Samantha realized that july was leaning out the window and came walking towards them with a not very nice face so samantha took Mario by the arm and took him running to the back entrance of the house so that july would not realized it but when they went into the house they realized something very strange, and it was that there was nobody, from one moment to another the whole world had disappeared, so they started looking around the house, they started with the garage since they thought it could have been a joke but when they opened the door they saw that it was also empty, so they started looking in the kitchen, in the rooms, in the rooftop but they did not find a single trace of anyone, so they started calling all his friends but none answered the cell phone and after 3 hours no one gave a sign of life decided to go to the police but when they went out ... july killed them both and never knew where the rest of people who were at that party that night.

martes, 4 de septiembre de 2018

Colombia, Barranquilla and My Neighborhood.

Colombia is a country located in the northwestern region of South America, It is a politically organized republic in 32 decentralized departments. It is the twenty-eighth most populous country in the world, with an estimated population of 49 million inhabitants. Colombia has a diversified economy and has an important service component. Colombia has a diversity of climates and landscapes thanks to 5 diverse regions each with special characteristics. In colombia you can also find diversities of festivals and fairs that every year gather the great part of the population in our country to enjoy them all together, for example “El carnaval de barranquilla”, “la batalla de las flores”, and more. Colombia is characterized by the joy that Colombians transmit to the world, the different types of music, the different types of food, the different cultures that exist in each región of Colombia, etc. I like Colombia because is a country where you can travel a lot and find different thinks in each places you go, also in Colombia you can find very beautiful beaches with incredible views, for example, the island of san andres is a incredible island where you will fin one of the most beautiful seas of  Colombia, this island is characterized by the sea of 7 colors because if you look at the sea you can see 7 different colors around the sea.

Barranquilla is a city located in Colombia, barranquilla is characterized by the biggest party in Colombia, the famous “carnaval de barranquilla”, is a cultural activity that takes place in the second or third month of the year, it’s a party where they choose a queen for the whole year and a momo King, and their responsabilities are to put to dance and enjoy all barranquilla with the different activities that are carried out in those days, “el carnaval de barranquilla” lasts for 4 days in which different cultural activities are carried out. In barranquilla you can find one of the tasty food in Colombia. Barranquilla it is the main economic center of the caribbean region of Colombia, among economic activities include trade and industy. In barranquilla you can find tourist places like “bocas de ceniza” who it is the point of mouth of the magdalena river in the caribbean sea, “Gran Malecon” which is a public space on the Banks of the magdalena river where you can find different types of food, live music, games, Green areas and much more. Barranquilla is characterized by being the Golden gate of Colombia and the window to the world. 

I live in a group of houses in a neighborhood that i considered to be very well located as it has nearby shopping centers suach as “Buenavista”, “El Gran Boulevard”, “Makro”, “ara”, also has a clinical laboratory, a hairdresser, a pharmacy and many things but so i think it is in an excellent location. My neighborhood is a quiet place where there is only scandal at the time of the carnaval, is a place where i can walk quietly without worrying about being stolen because there are many others sets of houses around where there is a lot of surveillance. Within my group of houses there are 110 houses and gym facilities, swimming pool, soccer field, golf course, social room and a cinema. Also near my neighborhood is the “sonesta hotel” that it is one of the beautiful hotels here in barranquilla. There are also the new tennis courts that our mayor Alejandro char built for the central american games. I like my neighborhood because i have most of my friends close to me, and i also have the school near my house. Around my neighborhood is many Green areas with trees, shurbs, palms, flowers, differents plants and more. I like it when i’m coming to my house because I can see the ocean view and it looks very nice.

domingo, 26 de agosto de 2018

My life

Hi! My name is Maria Alejandra Sierra, I’m 15 years old, I studied at the Lyndon B Johnson school since fourth grade and I consider that school as my second home where my family is also. When I was 7 years old I was diagnosed with a malignant cancer and a tumor in my right arm that according to 7 doctors here in Barranquilla I was going to die, but thank God I didn’t die, and after a very long process and two surgeries I continued with my life like any other. Now I’m starting 11th grade with good expectations and thinking since now what I'm going to study at the university. In my family we are 6 people, my two parents (sara and carlos) my sister and her husband (gloria and yezid) and the joy of the house, sarah, the daughter of my sister, oh and me. We like to spend time in family because all the days we learn something about each other. On December 21 we had to take a flight that we had to buy that same day because we thought that my sister was going to give birth that day because she had strong contractions, but no, it was a simple contractions and Sarah was born a month later. On that trip in which we lasted 3 months in Miami all my family learned to value much more all the things we had because we realized that nothing was easy to get, and since then we have learned to be more united and fight together for the things we want to achieve.